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With every invention comes the inbound need to safeguard those inventions irrespective of their domain. Similarly, with an increase in the number of internet users. And the development of vast cyberspace comes the need to secure information systems. For that cyber-related jobs and internships are in huge demand. Cybersecurity is a discipline that involves the security of all IT-related resources and internships.

It can include elements like Hardware, Network, Cloud solutions. Currently, it also includes software elements like a Web application internship, Mobile application internship, Database internship, and CRMs. However, another important part of Cybersecurity is the security of the user. Using these technologies from cybercrime, emotional and mental harassment, financial extortion, and social exploitation.

Cybersecurity also covers the security of the data generated due to the mutual interaction of these technologies. Cybersecurity is a vast domain wherein security is rendered to applications, information systems, and networks.

Need of Cybersecurity & How to get an Internship ???

Over the years, cybercrime has emerged as one of the most disastrous acts of crime, having a global impact. Some of the alarming statistics of such cybercrimes. That has resulted in an increased need for cybersecurity-centered measures have been discussed below.

Seeing the growth with which the rate of cyber-crimes is increasing. It has been estimated that the cost of crimes committed, annually, would increase. From $3 trillion to $6 trillion by 2021. With this increase in cybercrime. The need for professionals (security analysts, testers, internships, etc.). And to secure systems from such attacks have also risen up (and is expected to rise furthermore in the future).

According to a Forbes report, the cybersecurity market is expected to rise. From $75 billion in 2015 the $17 billion by2020. A survey conducted by Symantec concludes that the demand for Cybersecurity professionals. To safeguard our information systems is expected to rise to 6 million (throughout the world ) by 2019.

The exponential rise in the volume, veracity and variety of cyber-crime cases. Has to be matches with a significant increase in Cyber security professionals. The biggest problem of the industry is the lack of efficient manpower. According to NASSCOM, India alone needs 10 Lakh Cybersecurity professionals by 2025. The ever-increasing attacks on technology.

And the lack of skilled resources make IT Security, one of the highest paying jobs in the world. Cybersecurity professionals represent the topmost layer on the pyramid of IT professionals. Various reports suggest that over 95% of HTTPS servers are vulnerable to MITM attacks. Simply because the servers were not configured properly. This simple example demonstrates that even basic training can go a long way in improving the IT Security Landscape of the World.

Facts To Remember πŸ€”πŸ˜!!!

According to a report released by Burning Glass on 1st November 2016:

  • Jobs requiring additional skill sets (like financial skills) along with the traditional IT. And networking-related skills are hardest to fill and thus, have more opportunities.
  • A major portion of Cybersecurity jobs calls for an industry-wide certification (almost 35%). As compared to jobs pertaining to other fields of IT.
Dropbox suffered a data breach
Adobe data breach
Password exposed

So for the following Reasons we need CYBERSECURITYπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

  • To protect our information systems (applications, networks and other information) from getting hacked.
  • They protect our users from scams like Phishing and social engineering.
  • To prevent anyone’s (whether an individual or enterprise) finances from being stolen.
  • To protect our systems from malware attacks. That may disrupt the information stored on a device or damage the device itself.
  • Here you could easily see the huge amount of Cyber Experts and Internship are in huge demand.


This section of common terminologies was made to help users. And avoid the confusion out of the terms frequently used when referring to cyber crime. Most of the time when you are not aware of crackers, hackers, you may get hurt. So you need to take a moment to familiarize yourself with these various terms and tools used by cybercriminals. The below-mentioned terms will give you an idea of what they can do. And how they can harm you to accomplish their malicious objectives.

Let us now talk about some of the terminologies that are commonly used with reference to Cybersecurity.


Hacking can be defined as unauthorized access to anyone’s information system. It could be access to their computer systems, mobile devices, or personal accounts (like Facebook, and Gmail). We all have witnessed numerous instances of hacking in our daily lives. The most common of them are breaking into someone’s social networking account to access their personal information and modify it. There have been miscellaneous movies where either the protagonist or the antagonist hacks into systems. To gather some information and tamper with it. A very common instance from these flicks is of the CCTV systems getting hackes to rob a band. Hackers get into the system, freeze the real-time recording of cameras and replace it with a faux one such that. The officials watching over would not notice the events taking place in real-time.


Eric Raymond defines a hacker as “Clever Programmers”. Hackers who enjoy learning about the programming language of a system are experts in constructing program codes (and modifying them). Programmers who crack into systems with malicious intent in lieu of some profit are known as Crackers. There are numerous tools that are used by hackers to get access to a system. Computer viruses, worms, back door programs, and Trojans are some of the tools hackers use. Trojans are transmitted via emails or devices like CDs: worms are a form of viruses that act like timed bombs. And come into action when the set time or date is triggered.


Vulnerability, with respect to Cybersecurity, can be defined as a flaw that exists in a system. That the developer of the system is unaware of. Consider alpha or beta tests of a mobile application. After getting a yes from the developers, the versions are released. There may exist some computer vulnerability applications. That the developers of the application don’t know of, making it susceptible to hacking.


What would you do if someone approaches you and informs you that, an application you developed can be breached in more than three ways?! Your first instinct would tell you to see if the possibilities to breach your applications exist for real, wouldn’t it?! (Because you made sure to make your application as secure as it could get.)
This process of practically exploring the possible vulnerabilities to a system is termed exploiting(the possible flaws. That went unnoticed by the developer of an application). Exploits resource codes (commands sequences or a piece of some software) that explore unanticipated vulnerabilities. That may occur on an application, software some computerized hardware.


A Zero-Day Vulnerability can be defined as an undetected flaw in the software, hardware, or application. This vulnerability gives wat to Zero-Day attack wherein, the hackers introduce malware or malicious codes targeting this vulnerability which has not yet been discovered by even the developers.


Hackers (black hats or crackers) who are either employees of an organization or outsiders posing as employees of an organization, threatening the information systems of the organization, from within, are the ones who cause Insider Threats.
a) Deploy various security policies for current and ex-employees
b) Use scanning programs, anti-various and firewalls
c) Set up backup systems and archive data in a regular routine


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  • L&T infotech Internship

So if you have the proper knowledge in cyber-security you could easily get a job in these Multi-National companies.

Stay tuned for interesting facts related to the ethical hacking worldπŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

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